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This is the page from the TMEA Website.  It has great resources from sample handbooks, grading procedures, TEKS, and many others for the new and the experienced teacher to investigate.

Music Teacher Handbook


In 1998, fifty-one TMEA members from across the state representing all divisions and academic teaching levels met for a three-day conference titled “TMEA 2000 – Serving Music Education into the 21st Century.” From discussions during this conference a committee was developed to deal with the challenges of recruiting and retaining quality music educators for Texas .  

One major goal of this committee was to establish a handbook for new music educators that would include presentations relevant to success in the music classroom. Although the handbook was intended to assist new music teachers, it is a valuable resource for all music teachers regardless of experience level.

The handbook will grow with the needs of its users. Your suggestions and comments are welcome as this document is updated to meet the needs of its users.

Table of Contents


TMEA Executive Director - Welcome Message

UIL Director of Music - Welcome Message

TMEA Mentoring Network

The Music TEKS

Beginning the School year
     Tips for New Teachers

Classroom Strategies and Techniques
     It Works for Me Series

Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Assessment, Grading
     Music Frameworks from CEDFA 
     Planning to Assess
     Sample Instrumental TEKS Level I-IV Expectations/Rubric Assessment
     Appropriate Use of Sacred Music in the Curriculum 
     Using Technology in Elementary Music Education 
     Using Technology in Secondary Music Education
Sample Organization Handbooks
     Allen HS Band Handbook
     Belton HS Band Handbook
     Westlake HS Band Handbook

     Newman Smith HS Orchestra Handbook
     Tascosa HS Orchestra Handbook
     Colleyville Heritage HS Choir Handbook
     Spring HS Choir Handouts
Parents and the Music Educator
     UIL Booster Club Guidelines

Professional Relationships
     The Business Community as Patrons of Music Education
     In School Assistance from Teachers and Support Staff
     Our Natural Allies - Community Arts Groups

Become an Advocate for the Arts
     TMEA's Advocacy Toolkit

     Articles on Advocacy
     Southwestern Musician: Special Edition

TMEA Information
     Code of Ethics and Standard Practices
     Region/Area Alignment
     Eligibility Requirements for TMEA Auditions
     Appeals Process for TMEA Activities
     Penalties for Rules and Procedure Infractions
UIL Information
     TEA/UIL Side by Side

Professional Organizations List